2018 Porsche Macan GTS

About This Project

The Porsche Macan GTS. Arguable the ‘sweet spot’ in the Macan range. Find out why I agree – owners review!

I had my eye on a Porsche Macan for a while, I even had a brand new Macan S on order back in 2017 but decided to go for a different car instead. That decision stuck with me for a good 18 months and every time I saw a Macan S on the road I wondered, did I make the right decision? Fast forward to 2019 and I found myself back in the Porsche showroom, this time looking at the new facelift Macan S.

Once again, I was close to confirming the order but something was telling me no. I had a thorough test drive but I felt that something was missing, there wasn’t a raw feel to the facelift version that I had felt in the 2017 Macan S. After doing some research, someone recommended that I take a serious look at the Macan GTS (pre-facelift as this wasn’t announced at the time). I did some hunting and found a very well spec’d Macan GTS at an independent dealership close by.

I arrived at the dealership with excitement and interest as to what the Macan GTS would offer. Let me say it right here, as soon as I started the car up and heard that iconic roar, I was pretty much sold. Then within 5 minutes of the test drive I knew that I was going to buy this car. The rawness, the handling, the interior black and red contrast, everything about the car checked every box. This car had soul and the personality to match!

After living with the car did it live up to expectations? Getting straight to the point, yes it did!